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Enabling the agile startup within large enterprise

From nought to sixty (in a few weeks)

When you make pre-packed sandwiches for supermarkets like Tesco, own household brands like Ginsters and Soreen, and employ over 9000 people, it’s fair to say you’re one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most well recognised food manufacturers. Samworth Brothers excel at producing high quality food, at scale, in complex supply chains. But in a world that changes so quickly, how are large enterprises with complex infrastructures able to innovate their offering?

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Fresh food for now screenshot
Fresh food for now screenshots

It starts with an idea

Fresh Food for Now is a new business proposition from this established national treasure. The FFN’s aim is to corner the growing UK food-to-go market by rebranding its food delivery service from its previous incarnation as the Ginsters van sales and delivery operation. 

While Ginsters van sales had strong brand recognition, it was predominantly associated with the popular Ginsters pasty product range. But with the tastes of the UK consumer expanding constantly, Samworth’s saw the opportunity to create a next generation van sales and delivery network, with an offering that ranges from wraps, to salad pots, to sushi, Halal and samosas. With the UK food to go sector predicted to be worth £22.8bn by 2023, the opportunity was clear for the right offering.

Honest Crust brand page screenshot on iphone
Fresh Food For Now homepage screenshot on laptop

From brand building to service delivery

FFN engaged us to worth with their brand agency, Ape Creative, to create a web platform covering three stages:

  • Initial brand presence - built to meet the publicity and communications plan driven by the business launch. Using Drupal, Acquia Cohesion and design pattern thinking, we created a brand showcase outlining the commercial proposition, its benefits, product and brand range.
  • With the commercial launch window underway, we are switching focus to build the website’s capability to deliver insight, tell stories, create thought leadership and deliver commercially compelling proof points to the benefits of engaging FFN. 
  • In parallel we are working with Samworth’s to plan how the website could eventually become an ordering point - with potential integration into their stock management and delivery scheduling systems.​

The strategy is to bring content and functionality in to use at the earliest opportunity, and develop longer-term infrastructure driven programmes in parallel.  

Meanwhile, we are collecting usage data, running optimisation tests, experimenting with messaging and optimising the site constantly to learn and adapt to our audiences

Designing in a big tent

Design for us covers a number of areas:​

  • Visual design for brand execution
  • Design pattern creation for flexible CMSs that can adapt and evolve
  • User centred experience design for user benefit
  • Content design for user engagement and conversion 
  • Solution design for scalable, robust and powerful web platforms

for FFN we built a big tent with Ape Creative, acting as the brand guardians and art directors. Ape also created the brand activation strategy across media, livery and signage. Ape creatives sat alongside our designers to create a flexible and powerful design system that reflects the DNA of a revered food and beverage brand.

Ape’s brand guardianship and art direction slotted neatly in with our design pattern thinking, bringing a fresh and active visual design reflective of the FFN identity. 


Design patterns built for a start up, technology built for an enterprise

With no existing user data, a new business proposition, and an ambitious growth strategy with onward integration into back office systems, FFN needed a platform that was both flexible and powerful.​Design patterns, activated by Acquia Cohesion, allow us to rapidly create and update page layouts without drawing on development resource. Marketing teams can experiment with alternate messaging, create campaign pages, develop impactful hero case studies quickly. If messaging tests don’t work out, weeks of time and budget have not been expended.

The approach encourages creativity, experimentation and curiosity - all the drivers that help start ups grow.​At the same time, the FFN roadmap looks to integrate into the powerful back office systems that will enable customers to order directly through the website and book delivery windows. This needs a strong and robust CMS that is built to be integrated with other systems. Drupal provides the worlds most powerful enterprise CMS.

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