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Our work

Rapid development of a next generation optimised site with Drupal 8

The Client

Empowering the Oxford Group to support their proposition in different markets and multiple languages.

The Oxford Group, part of the City and Guilds network, have a distinguished history providing training and mentoring to executive and professional personnel in medium to large enterprises. The training provides personnel with the tools to manage the change and exploit the opportunities presented to their businesses.

With very strong repeat business and new business through recommendation, and a strong profile from individual practitioners within the business, the Group had thrived through referral. However, with a new strategy and a wider ambition to bring the Group’s capabilities to new markets, the web strategy came into focus.

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Oxford Group Screenshots
Oxford Group Screenshots

Understanding the challenge ahead

With a wealth of legacy content, a diverse set of service offerings and multiple strategic sales opportunities, the challenge was to define an impactful web engagement strategy that would clearly explain, differentiate and promote the Oxford Group’s proposition in different markets and multiple languages.

With little data on user behaviour, anecdotal understanding of personas and a diverse set of propositions providing a potentially fragmented content requirement, the site would need to allow editors the ability to rapidly iterate messaging in the light of emerging user understanding. These changes would be based on their findings from integrations into marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and Pardot.

Most importantly they had a six week window to bring their new proposition to market.

Oxford Group screenshot on a phone
Oxford Group screenshot on an laptop

Defining a new strategy to bring the Group’s capabilities to new markets

Coherence conducted workshops with senior marketing, sales and operational leaders to understand the messaging priorities required for the site and build an engagement strategy which would help to define the key user journeys required for the key persona groups.

As a brand with strong UK recognition, the Oxford Group’s strategy to explore new markets required the ability to create new language versions at short notice as opportunities arise and the sales strategy evolved. Not least, as a growing global brand operating in multiple markets and part of the City and Guilds Group, they needed a robust and secure platform comfortable supporting mid to large enterprises with multiple content editors and lots of content.

We used Drupal 8 to provide a robust, scalable solution with strong integrations into third party systems. It’s multi-language capabilities provides powerful support for its market-level content.

The power of the design pattern

In addition, we used the Acquia Cohesion Drupal Productivity Suite to design and build an extensive set of re-usable design patterns and functional components, that allowed the rapid development of a set of rich and diverse case study, service page and insight content layouts, enabling their editors to tell a story that was tailored to each client engagement.

With a challenging deadline driving the relaunch of their marketing and sales strategy, Coherence built and tested the master application, populating it with English language content in a four week design and build sprint.

From strategy to site launch in just six weeks

The result is a powerful and flexible content delivery platform, allowing Oxford Group editors to manage market level content through workflows. The site delivers a clear and defined service offering. 

Supported through rich content demonstrating the experience and insight within the Group using a diverse set of layouts, component combinations and content types. 

Integration into Hubspot allows seamless progress from the web to sales journeys. A strong start for an ambitions business wishing to spread its wings globally.

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